Friday, 16 August 2013

Oriental Sandal Charms

Hello and welcome, hope you've had a great week so far, 
Wasn't Chris's tag gorgeous? love her bright colours and the fantabulous details!

So here's the promised tutorial I mentioned the other day,
I hope you have a go!
I'm not sure you can download this directly from the blog but you can try the facebook page to save a copy. Then simply print to create your sandal template! The box shape is very simple, you can do that with out the template just cut the rectangle and round the corners!
So trace the sandal images onto frosted shrink plastic, don't forget to flip the template over to get a matching pair that mirrors, then cut out with your scissors.
Use your punch to makes the holes, although I used the 3/16 size I think the smaller one would work just as well.
You may need to rub out some of those pencil marks ready for the next step.
I treated myself to those gorgeous new mementoLUXE inks, wow they are delicious, the ink is to juicy, quite paint like and they emboss brilliantly, and don't stain the stamp. Love them, I have been looking for an ink like this for ever...
So, I stamped the peony flower from Oriental Zen set first, trying to mirror the design to create a matching pair of sandals, then stamped the coordintaing leaves in a green.
Next is the fun heating bit, do bear with it, it's meant to curl up and get all out of shape...
see, keep going and it will complete it's shrinking to become all uniform again.
Take an acrylic block or something to press on the warm plastic to keep it flat while it cools.
So this it the template beside the shrunk pieces, quite a difference in size!
There was no need to wait for this ink to dry either, 
After rummaging for what seemed like hours for some craft wire or seed beads (think Maoleidigh may have some idea where they are, lol) I ended up using a flower bead. 
I trimmed a little craft wire and folded the two ends to the centre into the hole of the bead. So it looks a bit like this.
Hold the flower bead in position and curve the wire to go through the hole, pinch the ends to stay in place.
Add a little glue to secure the ends.
Add adhesive under the flower bead and hold for a few seconds and leave the sandal to dry.
And voilà, I really should make something with these, they're very easy to add to your project with a little adhesive, foam pads or before the stamping step you can punch an extra hole to the heel area and add a jump ring when they're finished.

Thanks for stopping by today, I would love to see your sandal charms!
Have a wonderfully creative weekend!
BiG HuGs Kim x


  1. So cute! And a fantastic tutorial, Kim! Thank you for sharing! Hugs Delphine xx

  2. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for the fab tutorial, i will definatly have a go at this. they are beautiful.
    I was wondering if you could help me, i only started my blog early this year, and i am trying to add the gadget 'Follow with friends connect' but i cannot find any info on how and where i get it, i have noticed you have it and noticed your blog was started this year too. Is there any chance you could tell me where you got the info on how and where? It is eating away at me slowly....Thanks Louise x

  3. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing! :)


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