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Cumulus Background
Well who doesn't love a cloudy background stamp, I've designed this so you can stamp a continuous image, across a card or scrapbook page.

Here I've stamped the image twice to show how it joins up, you could dab off some of the ink from the edges to lose the slight overlap, so it won't be so dark. It has so many possibilities, when stamping the clouds below I would suggest moving the stamp to the left or right of your first stamping so the join will be staggered.

The Details:

  • Cumulus Background will be available for purchase on September 13th.
  • It will retail for £9.00
  • I designed this background stamp with a pattern repeat... all four edges will form continuous stamping possibilities.

Now onto a sample...
For this image I stamped my tree first, masked it with frisket film and stamped the cumulus background. I've added some grass by sponging the ink and stamping the grass pieces from the set.
To get the graduating colours I started with the lightest at the bottom, first yellow, then the central area with orange and finally red for the top. I spritzed a smidgen of water to blend the colours a little.

High in the Sky
High in the Sky co-ordinates with Cumulus Background but it's more of a building set,  The clouds have co-ordinating shadows which really helps to give definition. There are a few sentiments to build up or stamp individually.

The Details:
  • High in the Sky will be available for purchase on September 13th.
  • It will retail for £9.
  • High in the Sky contains a total of 22 images, there are 3 clouds, each with outline and shadows to create various combinations. The set also includes Rain, with droplets and a couple of splashes, flying birds, a sun, beams/rays. A rainbow builder and the sentiments can be paired up and inked in different colours. 
This is the tip sheet to help with building the different images. I will also have an svg file available to help cut the clouds, rainbow and sentiments.

The Rainbow...
I've always wanted a rainbow I can actually stamp the individual colours and came up with this style that works pretty well.
Here's a few steps to show how the rainbow could be constructed. I've cut the shape using the svg file it will be a five striped rainbow. I started on the outside with the blue.
Next I stamped the green, it just sits beside the blue I could have stamped it a little lower but I knew the bottom will be covered by a cloud.
Then the yellow...
Then the orange... you get the idea, I didn't add enough ink to the orange but I can live with that!
So lastly the red, you could stamp smaller rainbows with three colours or larger with seven colours the option is up to you.

The Clouds...
The large cloud which is about 1.5" tall, I stamped the outline in grey and co-ordinating shadows in the same ink, which really helps to give dimension. 
Here's the clouds are stamped in blue, you can have any colour cloud your inks will allow.
This is where one sentiment can sit on the 'sun' and 'shine' sentiment when together. There's a cut file for those too!
 My card includes the cumulus background in a pale blue ink, I've added a few birds in the sky.
For the clouds I chose to only stamp the shadow I quite like that look too. The rainbow is the sample I stepped earlier just tucked in behind the large cloud.

Well I hope your day will be filled with SunShine!
Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you are enjoying the introductions, I wanted to post his earlier today but my cold interfered!

BiG HuGs

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  1. Gorgeous stamps! Another set or two to add to my growing wish list of your stamps. Lots of luck with the launch Karen


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