Wednesday, 11 September 2013

September Sneak Peek Day!

Hello and good morning, wow September arrived so suddenly...

I have a peek for you, the September release is coming, a bit later then usual but I wanted a spooky blog hop for Friday the thirteenth very fitting lol!

So, lets get started showing you what we have in store...
This is a sky stamp, called Cumulus Background the clouds and sky are textured, the image has been designed to stamp continuously. Imagine sunsets, light skies, cloudy skies, or dark stormy clouds. It will compliment so many backgrounds on cards or scrapbooking.
This sneek is High in the Sky it co-ordinates with Cumulus Background but it's more of a building set, I've always wanted a rainbow I can actually stamp the individual colours and came up with this style that works pretty well. The clouds have co-ordinating shadows which really helps to give definition. There are a few sentiments to build up or stamp individually. I've also included a sun, beams, bird in flight, rain and droplets.

Another MayLeeDee to the collection, she is dressed for the Halloween season in all her witchily finery. She holds her trusted cat and under her arm the best spell book ever!

New to the character collection is Dillon, inspired by my gorgeous son, I realised while drawing these characters how lucky I am to have stunning models to work with LOL! Dillon is dressed here with bat wings, obviously wants to go trick or treating with his sister, he has his pumpkin ready for treats.

Here's Dillon again with slight variations he has dragon wings and a bit of magic, Dillon really liked this one. These will be digital stamps and as always with the faint outline version included.

I hope you liked the sneak peeks and are looking forward to the samples over the next couple of days.

Please join us on Friday 13th for a small spooky blog hop and a few prizes.

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Have a wonderfully creative Day

HuGs Kim x

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