Thursday, 23 April 2015

Introducing Paperbabe Stamps ~ Mini Doll Face & Mixed Media Templates

Happy St George's Day, and welcome to our first day of introductions for this months new release...

Today I'm introducing a stamp set, which you're very familiar with and a coordinating mixed media template collection...
You have all fallen in love with the Doll Face stamp set, but now it's coming to you as a mini version, it has all the same stamps as it's larger counterpart. Now even more possibilities, great for smaller dolls, great size for stamping onto cards and of course for smaller mixed media.

The Details:
  • Doll Face Mini will be available for purchase on Sat 25th April.
  • The set will retail for £5.00
  • Doll Face contains a total of 31 images, there there are iris', pupils', open eyes, closed eyes, the white of the eye, lips, hearts and even freckles. The images are all separate for more stamping variations.
I wanted to give you a visual of the size comparison, I actually measured the mini eye(with lashes) and it's approx 2cm compared to the large set which is 3cm.


This next product, I am so excited to be bringing you, it's my mixed media templates, yes for those who struggle drawing the face, neck, shoulders, torso and especially the hair this one is the most asked for. 

Here is a collection of templates, each broken down into steps that will not only compliment the doll face stamp set, but it's great for drawing exercises too.
The Details:
  • Portrait Mixed Media Templates will be available for purchase on Sat 25th April.
  • They will sell individually, in two sizes and will retail from £1.50 upto £3.00
  • There are five templates in this collection: a head and torso, Four Hairstyles to choose from... Wavy central parting, Short & fringe, Loose Plait, Flick & Fringe. Each hairstyle coordinates with their Doll Face stamp set.
I would have posted earlier but after uploading a whole bunch of photo for this post I decided to create a slideshow as well, less scrolling I hope...

Well, I took so many pictures that I have to break them up into sections so, 

here is the templates explained...
There are Five mixed media templates altogether(with more alternatives in the making) for both sizes of doll face stamp sets.
The main template is the head and torso, this is the base for the stamping and posing etc... 
It's printed onto Mylar, ready for you to cut, it is tear resistant and ink resistant, so wipe clean yay!
I would suggest punching holes in the cross section marked on the face templates, this will make lining the templates and stamps much easier.

There are currently four...
I thought I would just show you one style today the Flick & Fringe, every template will have the image printed on, as a helpful reminder.
Here it is cut out, each piece is labelled, and numbered with a brief instruction, but I'm sure after a few uses these will become second nature!
I like to place all the template parts together and get an idea of the placements, this is particularly helpful before going ahead and cutting your gorgeous patterned paper or precious watercolour papers.
I have a central line through each step, this will help lining up the different parts. It also means you can flip the design to suit what you're designing. The numbers show you roughly the order to use them, either by drawing around or paper piecing.
Don't feel you have to keep all the features central to each other, I love hair flowing to the side, or the face tilted slightly for a more natural look.
There are two face shapes in the set both fit well with the hairstyle templates and the doll face stamps.
I have also included a little template for the collarbone placement.

Using your templates...
I like to begin by marking my central line, just a little mark as we will be rubbing them out later.
It also means if you move the template while drawing around it, it will be easy to line up again(I would know lol!).
If you need to, draw a line joining the two central marks.
Line up one of the face templates, I like to mark in the holes that we punched, these act as guides for stamping later on.
When drawing the fringe, try and stop on the curve. The straight lines simply lead to the top of the head mark and central marks.
Add any additional hairlines, use the template as a guide or leave as an outline, entirely up to you.
The neck can be as long as you want, mark the collar area on the shoulders if your planning collarbones.
And there we have our drawn outline, simple... now rub out those markings we no longer need.

Stamping the face

The template really helps here let me show you...
First place the eye stamps along the eyeline, leaving about an eye width between, I line up between the tear duct and the lash corner.

Now press your block onto the stamps, 
see? now you have the perfect stamp, complete with both eyes, this works with all the eyes in the set, try swapping with a closed eye for a cheeky wink etc...
I ink both together, you have the option of stamping multiple faces with the eye placement the same on each.
Simply line up with those little pencils marks you drew earlier and stamp the first step.
I would advise creating a little mask, just restamp the eyes again on post it note and cut the pupil area out, but save those for future creating!
There are four varieties of iris in the set, just for versatility, I'm using the patterned one for this tutorial.
Notice how there are two little circles in the iris? these will actually match up with the pupils, so the highlights will remain untouched.
Place the mask over the eye area and stamp the iris.
I have also included the circle that goes around the iris, you could use this image on it's own if you would prefer coloring your eyes yourself.
Now, the nose and mouth are really very small in this set so to line up with the template I simply reversed the previous steps... I place my thin acrylic block over the template to then line up the stamps.
She looks a little funny with only the mouth line lol, but I will stamp the lip from the set after I've painted her.
Just a matter of drawing those collarbones and rubbing out the mark lines and she's ready for some paint/ink/pencils whatever takes your fancy.

Here she is painted
 I'm quite taken to watercolours right now, and couldn't resist a little play, her hair was created using rock salt on the wet paint I had to leave it to dry.
I've painted the rest in watercolours and trimmed to 5x7 for a large card front, stamped a sentiment.

If you're still here, thank you, I would love you pop by the rest of the team blogs and check out their gorgeous projects...

Please leave a comment for your chance to win the Mini Doll Face Stamp set and coordinating Mixed Media Templates.

Enjoy a wonderfully creative day, see you tomorrow for more introductions...
HuGs Kim x


  1. Oh she is soooo beautiful, Kim!!! Absolutely fabulous indeed!!! I LOVE this stamp set and the templates are brilliant! Fantastic explanations, I can't wait to play again with mine!!! BIG hugs Delphine xx

  2. I agree with everything Delphine says, I love your girl and I love these stamps! Chris xxx

  3. A genius idea, loving the templates very much and will definitely get them as i really need help with my drawing, the mini set of stamps is a genius idea as i like smaller faces, not confident to draw anything too large at the moment.

    Can see these selling out very quickly. Congrats on your new designs Kim and so glad you are sharing :-) xxx

  4. Eeeeeek - how AWESOME !!! Genius idea :-D xxxxx

  5. Wow this is simply stunning I am loving how easy you have made it, I am on hold until Friday with my paypal but I will be needing these, I so want to play now, you are a superstar thank you for helping me today <3 much appreciated big hugs Pops x x x


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