Wednesday, 22 April 2015

It's Time for this Months Sneak Peeks YAY!!!

Welcome to April's sneak peeks...

You have all fallen in love with the Doll Face stamp set, but now it's coming to you as a mini version, it has all the same stamps as it's larger counterpart. Now even more possibilities, great for smaller dolls, great size for stamping onto cards and of course for smaller mixed media.

This product, I am so excited to be bringing you, it's my mixed media templates, yes for those who struggle drawing the face, neck, shoulders, torso(I'll stop there lol) and especially the hair this one is the most asked for. Here is a collection of templates, each broken down into steps that will not only compliment the doll face stamp set, but it's great for drawing exercises too. Find out more details in tomorrow's introduction.

While we're on the subject of faces, this is the next stamp set, it's a profile face, with all the details you need to build a face, the eye's, the pupils, the lips and even the face outline, come back on Friday's introduction for all the details.

Now I couldn't possibly leave the profile face out? I have also designed coordinating Mixed Media Templates to go with the profile face too, hairstyles, head and torso.

It really has been too long since the last Mayleedee character... wander if you can guess who this might be?

I'm very excited about this release, it's been quite some time since I've been able to really get working on designing since my mum passed away 5 months ago, I miss her greatly and I always had the chance to share my ideas and designs with her before they were ever released.

I hope you pop by tomorrow for introducing the mini Doll Face & templates
Enjoy a wonderfully creative day!
HuGs Kim x


  1. What an exciting sneak peek Kim! Great idea for the face templates, i for one struggle but am trying hard to get the dimensions correct. Loving what i am seeing so far! :-) xxx

  2. Can't wait to see more! Funnily enough your wonderful characters have been inspiring to me Kim so thanks for that Karen x

  3. Oh that is one sweet little Alice. :-)
    Your ideas are fantastic and unique.
    So sorry about your MuM - I hope you are healing a bit now xoxoxoxox


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HuGs Kim