Friday, 17 July 2015

Introducing Paperbabe Stamps ~ Mixed Media Hand Templates.

Today brings a New Mixed Media Template which will compliment my other Mixed Media Templates.

The Details:
  • Mixed Media Hand Templates will be available for purchase on Sat 18th June.
  • They will sell individually and will retail at £1.50 each
  • There are two sizes available to coordinate with all the previously released Mixed Media Templates.

I've started with the side view of a hand in the hope to add to this idea in future... there is however a little self assembling required to make these poseable... instructions below. I've broken the hand template into two parts mainly so it's less bulky to use and with the fact you will be drawing one finger etc at a time. I have included an extra fore finger in the template if you feel you would like the additional ring finger on your poseable hand. I however feel it's not necessary as the forefinger is so close in size to the ring finger, but I've given you the choice.

Some Assembly Required

Ok then, lets get on with the assembly... you will require either eyelets & eyelet hole punch, or mini hole punch and brads. This is personal, I prefer the flatness and poseability of eyelets.
The individual parts of the hand have each been labeled, each hole to punch has been marked and also labelled in reference of assembly. 
 After cutting each element out it's time to punch a hole.
I assemble the fingers first, this is the middle finger labelled M, these are assembled in alphabetical order. This finger will attach to the palm and then the wrist.
This is the second part of the template, with the forefinger/ring finger and the little finger. There is an additional palm piece to help with the lining up. 
I placed one finger either side of the palm all three layers work fine with the eyelet attachment. 
Here are the two templates placed on top of eachother. Now the fun begins.


It's time to play and see what wonderful poses you could try and how the hand works with the other mixed media templates... You can flip the template over for two hands or different views. 
You could flip the template over and draw a hand heart too.


This is a very quick step by step and sample... my time management is... well, very full lol!
I use the main hand and middle finger first, you can draw around this posed. 
The second template I position to decide the finger placement. 
then I will pivot the little finger behind the palm piece. 
Then is just a matter of drawing around the finger part. The eyelets are particularly useful for marking finger crease reference on your drawing. 
I finished off my drawing by adding details, have a look at your own hand for reference, a few creases here and there makes it very real looking. Continue the thumb line as indicated on the template.
I used the heart stamp from my doll face stamp set to shower the hearts over the hand.
I placed the thumb template back in position to use as a mask for some of the hearts. Then finished off the card with you are loved one of the new quote stamps available tomorrow.

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing in our introductions today, 
I hope you're just as excited about this release as us! I'm afraid I didn't give the team enough time to try the template out but they will delight us with their creative genius very soon.
All the stamps will be available to buy tomorrow so see you then!

Enjoy a wonderfully creative day!!!
HuGs Kim x


  1. AWESOME !!! What a brilliant Template :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Fantastic - these are going to be very popular! You did a great job on these Kim xx

  3. so cool kim... love that you can use them with the faces too x

  4. Absolutely brilliantly awesome! !!! BIG hugs xxx


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