Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Introducing Mini Profile Face Stamps and Mixed Media Templates!!!

Did you enjoy the sneak peeks yesterday?

Today I'm introducing a new old stamp set lol, also with coordinating mixed media templates...

Profile Face Mini
I designed this set to expand the doll face collection, it is the same as it's larger counterpart just smaller and the set has both direction of faces. It includes all you should need to build a profile face, four eye shapes, three lip shapes with solid stamp too, two variations of iris' and pupils. The idea is, I've tried to be as anatomically correct with the pupil placement in the eyes facing forward, but on the occasion where you may need the eye to look the other way, the ovals pupils and iris are for that. It includes two ear types, tell me you don't need them? Then the usual nostrils, eyebrow and some pretty stars... all that twice!!!

The Details:
  • Profile Face Mini Stamp set will be available for purchase on Sat 19th December.
  • The set will retail for £9.00
  • Profile Face Mini contains over of 70 images, there are iris', pupils', open eyes, closed eye, ears, lips, pairs of ears, stars and even freckles. The images are all separate for more stamping variations. 

Now you can create smaller profile portraits for card fronts, mixed media use them alongside their larger counterparts for so many more arty possibilities.

Next are the Mini Profile Mixed Media Templates
These work the same as the larger Profile mixed media templates each hairstyle is broken into steps to make creating portraits easier. They coordinate with the Profile Face stamp set, they are printed or pre-cut from Mylar for durability and ease of use. The advantages of mylar is that you can see through enough if you wanted a specific piece of pattern from patterned paper to use in paper piecing, they are tear resistant and ink resistant. They are also very useful as masks when stamping the face.

The Details:
  • Profile Mixed Media Templates will be available for purchase on Sat 19th December.
  • They will sell individually, as well as sets, they will retail from £1.50 up.
  • There are five templates in this collection: a head and torso, Four Hairstyles to choose from... Pony & Fringe, Long & Fringe, Curly Fringe, Wavy Hair. Each hairstyle coordinates with the Mini Profile Face stamp set looking either direction.

So, I'm guessing you're really here for the samples...

Ok so this is pretty dramatic but I had lots of fun, I was probably inspired by a wonderfully talented artist Caia Koopman, she uses very bold colours and I thought I would give it a try, isn't that what art is all about?

Mmmm I heat embossed my art quote, just love that finishing touch. Although if I had another day I could well see lots of extra additions lol!

So, I didn't quite create a video this time so much to do for all the festivities round here my time is pretty coveted... But I did manage a slideshow showing a few step when I remembered to take a picture or two.

Next is a wood block piece of art, using the mini profile templates alongside the mini portrait templates and face stamps, I just love that these can all work together... not that that was my plan or anything lol!
She is inspired by the Goddess Minerva, wise and crafty and I've painted her here with her trusty sidekick Owly.
I even managed to paint a little hand for Owly to perch upon, 
I've used flick & fringe hairstyle, with the thinner Head from Head & Torso, the body from Profile Head & Torso, gosh got all that? Her face was stamped using the Mini Doll Face, still an old favourite.

Now if you get a moment do stop by the talented Design team to see the templates and stamps in their hands...

 Thank you very much for indulging me and I hope you will return tomorrow to see our other introductions!!!

Enjoy a wonderfully creative day!
only nine more sleeps eeek!!!
HuGs Kim & the Team x


  1. Oh wow, the samples are just stunning! x

  2. Superb Kim, both portraits are incredibly, inspiring and the little slide show is brilliant to see your process. Chris xxx


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