Monday, 1 February 2016

12 Mixed Media Works of 2016 ~ February ~ Layers of Tissue

It's a new year and for me it’s time for a slightly new direction...

I’m always looking for ways to share my knowledge and inspiration differently. I have so many ideas for my stamps and templates but wanted a place to express it where you get to join in and enjoy it too!

There are challenges for everyone finding the time to create so I've decided on twelve mixed media works of art to create throughout the year. 
This will be a regular place to share a wider variety of ideas, be inspired, but above all to share our mixed media progress month by month.

So, to kick off this fun concept...

At the beginning of each month I will post a mixed media tutorial, based on a theme, idea or technique I want to share. 

 I will have the inlinkz live for you to post and connect to your mixed media works, you will have the entire month to upload your creation inspired by that month.

Of course there is also a badge on the side of the blog you can download and post on your own blog sharing your participation in the new "12 MMW of 2016".

And prizes... how fun a random winner will be picked each month to get their very own custom stencil designed and made by me.

I am so excited for this new concept since it will inspire me with new ways to create each month, I hope to get better at my videos and welcome any and all feedback, this is also for you too!

Ok then, so I already know I’m somewhat behind with this new brainstorm, but let’s focus on this month’s mixed media work of art and I’ll try and catch up with January’s piece another time, if that's alright?

  • Card(cereal box is perfectly fine and there's always something similar around the house),
  • Gesso I've used Galeria but any good one will work
  • White Tissue, patterned napkins (the napkin I used was in fact from Sainsbury's)
  • Embossing ink and embossing powders
  • Mixed media templates and face stamps
  • Acrylic paints (I used Amsterdam and ceramcoat)
  • Neocolor II (any water soluble pencils/crayons will work)
  • Translucent embossing paste
  • Posca pens 
I was going to take photos of the steps but decided to video the tutorial it's in two parts. Get the box of tissues this month as I demonstrate a step by step tutorial showing various ways of using tissue papers to create a 7x7 inch mixed media square using Paperbabe Stamps Female Face stamp set and Mixed Media Templates.

Dark hair is a much easier option when you're learning to paint portraits, it doesn't need the highlights and can cover up any little mistakes on the way.

The gold embossing was a little lost here, I might reconsider using white powder next time.
You won't need a template to make a pretty collar a simple image stamped a few times works very well and roses and hearts fits very well to the Love of February.

Thank you and Have FUN!!!

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  1. What a fantastic idea Kim and I hope to join in too! Loved your video's, it's so good to see your process. I'll put your logo on my blog and hope lots will join in. Xx

  2. Such a great idea Kim, I have bookmarked the videos to have a look later! Anne x


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