Tuesday, 19 April 2016

April's Sneak Peek Time!!!

Good morning and welcome to April's sneak peeks!!!

We have a new face builder set and three new hairstyle templates being released this month...
You have all loved the Doll Face & Female face stamp sets, but now it's time for them to move over for... the men. Yes it's about time they made an appearance.

I have designed a versatile male face stamp set, with layered eyes and separate lashes just like the female face but slightly smaller to work well with a manly face. There are ears, dense eyebrows and even a stubble stamp. This set will be invaluable for all your portrait stamping, it will be available in two sizes that with work perfectly alongside the existing female head & torso templates. You can now expand to even more creative possibilities be it male dolls, couple cards and canvas' and all sorts of mixed media.

But we couldn't possibly have a new face stamp without some fabulous new hairstyle templates...

We will be releasing three new hairstyles that work with the male physique, the head and torso are slightly different(understandably) yet will still work proportionally alongside the female templates. These templates work slightly differently too but don't worry I have already filmed a little how to so you can feel confident to follow along. Each hairstyle is broken down into steps that will not only compliment the face stamp sets, but it's great for drawing exercises too.

Find out more details in tomorrow's introduction and 
there's still plenty of time to enter our current anything goes challenge!
I am loving the entries so far, thank you :)

Enjoy a wonderfully creative day!
HuGs Kim x

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  1. Men! Of course- another set of skills needed! Fab ideas - can't wait to see how transform them! x


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