Thursday, 12 October 2017

Next Christmas Introductions...

Me again, Thanks for visiting, 
it's been a very busy week and I really probably should have spread the introductions over a few days, but I'm just eager to get these out, so here goes...

PaperAngel substrates are coordinating substrate pieces specifically for the 
There are twelve possible Angel designs within this set so for ease I have paired them. Which means each of the six hairstyles has two dress styles and each kit has three pairs of angel wings so you can choose the style you prefer.

Hopefully the pictures will help to explain this better...
I have placed the angel outline for demonstration purposes.
Each kit has everything you would need to produce two angels, with a spare pair of wings left over for other projects, there are small circles which are there to aid in placing the wings either side, to adhere to the back of your stamped angel and a larger circle to use as a halo, I like to emboss mine with gold embossing powder.
I have numbered the sets to make it easier to coordinate with the Angels hairstyle stamps.

The Details:
  • PaperAngel Media Blanks MDF Kits will be available to purchase on Fri 13th October.
  • The sets will retail for £2.99 (bundles available at discount)
  • PaperAngel Media Blanks kits have about 17 pre-cut pieces, per design(number).
  • The MDF is 3mm thick, your angels will stand approximately 16.5cm(6 1/5") tall, plus the Halo, the width will depend on the wings you're choosing.

The kits include a hanging piece for tying on a string or ribbon ready for hanging on a festive tree or your wall. But if you wanted to have your angel standing I have designed a little easel set.
The kit includes two stands, it has two brace struts that slot into the base that's adhered to the back of the angel, I discovered this to be the most stable solution while still freeing up the front of the Angel design.

The Details:
  • Easel Media Blanks MDF Kits will be available to purchase on Fri 13th October.
  • The sets will retail for £0.50p (bundles available at discount)
  • Easel kits have 6 pre-cut pieces. The MDF is 3mm thick.

In my rush, the early hours of this morning finishing off my earlier blogpost I forgot to add the details of the mini stamps...
The Doodle stars have ten individual star images, based on my own doodles, great for adding details, or a pattern, the two crown stamps are a great addition on to any collection.

The Details:
  • The mini stamp sets will be available to purchase on Fri 13th October.
  • Doodle Star will retail for £2.50
  • The two crown stamps will retail for £1.50

This busy bee has some orders to post and pictures to take. Thanks so much for stopping by, Enjoy a wonderfully creative day and hope to see you tomorrow for some finished samples...
HuGs Kim x

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