Tuesday, 29 May 2018

June Sneak Peek Time...

We have a few new goodies planned to release at the end of this month, beginning of June.
Yay, it's has been too long since our last, these new items coordinate very well with the Alice collection release in February!

Here are a few sneak peeks of what's to come!
This is one of the most useful templates... it helps cut down all those post it note masks I have stuck all over my stamp sets, desk top, cutting mat, storage boxes, apron, shoes and even the floor. They just get everywhere, than I have to stamp and cut another, this version however is pre-cut and has a lot more longevity.

These next three are an idea based from the popular mdf ornate frame, each has a theme although not necessarily for that exact use, it's for art after all. They each have a dimensional layer to give that something special to your artwork.
This one is based on looking up out of the rabbit hole, seeing Alice or any character peeking down.
The is a rose edged frame, perfect for the lovely Queen of Hearts, if you wanted.
And this suits the Hatter pretty well, with the tea cup and the pocket watch just about to be dunked in.

We couldn't resist some new stencils so here's some classic designs great for backgrounds and mixed media fun.
We have some stripes, longer than usual for those larger projects,
Some checks, just because. 
And this special two step stencil, which has a pattern with incorporated gear design.

Wait until you see all the possibilities.
Thanks for visiting, pop by tomorrow for the teams introductions.

Enjoy a wonderfully creative day!
HuGs Kim x

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  1. Hmmm, I like the rose frame and peering out of rabbit holes. What fun. Hugz


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