Friday, 1 June 2018

Introducing ~ Clockwork MDF Layered Frame, with the dapper Hatter.

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We have another day of inspiration with the introductions of more yummy goodies...

Today we are showcasing the Clockwork frame.
The Clockwork frame, with the pocket watch about to be dunked into the tea cup, there are quite a few pieces on this one, but I've tried to etch the mid layer to show where the individual gears etc would/could be placed. I can see just the pocket watch and gears section being a separate element if people are interested.

The Details:
  • Clockwork MDF Layered Frame kit will be available to purchase on Sat 2nd June.
  • The kit will retail for £9.99
  • There are so many pieces in this kit(about 19/20), including two hanging discs and two spacer discs to help make the picture float from the wall when hanging.
  • The MDF is 3mm thick, and is approximately 29cm(11 1/2") tall.

Note: The coordinating clock face stamp set is on order and I waiting for delivery, I will be sure to let you know, so in the mean time I've included a little printed version for you to use.

There are etch lines throughout the middle layer to match with the separate gears.

A little step by step showing the male face eye template in use...
I love to see the pencil lines before they're filled with colour...

And now onto my project...

Hatter's face has been painted first in matt acrylic paints, then I've stamped his eyes as steps above. His hair I decided to use copics, I felt I got the best colour and texture with these. His dapper outfit is also using acrylic paint, with some ink for his cravat(I have a few stepped pics I'll post tomorrow) and a stamped rose just peeking out.
I also use the rose on this tea cup, stamped in a vintage blue vibe, which I totally love the finish, I painted the mdf with a white base, stamped the rose and added clear rock candy, when that was dry I brushed some perfect pearls into the cracks and heat embossed the top with utee. Finished off with a little of my favourite gold ink along the handle, bottom and top cup edge.
I must admit I have been loving the old techniques I used for this piece, here I inked the paper part of the clock fave to look aged, then added an acetate number layer, filled the clock cavity with clear utee and painted the rest of the pocket watch in gold ink.
and finally I painted the back of my frame black and heat embossed the hat pins too. Also can you spot the error on my project, there is something that I actually left wrong.

So, I hope you've enjoyed the introductions so far, it's time to head over for even more stunning projects from our very talented...

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Enjoy a wonderfully creative day!
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  1. What a feast for our eyes, this frame is so clever with so many extra pieces to play with. Your hatter looks so refined with his chequered cravat! The cracked China cup looks totally amazing with it’s high fired glaze, a wonderful platform to create what ever our creativity allows. Thank you so much for these fabulous surfaces they give us so much area to play with.
    Hugs Tracey xx


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