Thursday, 12 October 2017

Introductions ~ Christmas 2017

Good morning, thank you so much for stopping by today.

I think Christmas releases have been earlier than usual this year, I even thought I had been on time for once, but noooo, although I think if you're anything like me all the other creative projects that have brought you up to now have very little christmas in them.

So let me get onto the introductions.

Cute Nativity

This set was inspired from my DesignA Adorimals characters, I love the innocent and simple lines, which lend itself so well to the recognisable imagery of the nativity story. I wanted to capture the memory we would all relate to although probably from a much younger age... I hope this will be a go to set for christmas and your holiday papercrafts, as well as coordinating with its substrates kit(details below) for a little bit of gift making too. It's like the full package, lol.

Cute Nativity stamp set includes thirty individual stamps, the main characters, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and manger, An Angel with separate wings, Kings with crowns and gift, a shepherd and a few recognisable animals. The polka dots fit Mary's dress perfectly, the swirls give a lovely sheep wool look, and the single curl could very cutely be stamped on the head of Jesus(just saying)...

And my favourite? the Star trees, I had this idea that instead of drawing a stable which would have been fine I thought a little outside the box and came up with star trees, I know so fun right? Star trees that you could stamp in any amount of combinations, they can stand tall or short, or even hang from the top edge for a different look.. and now that I've been using them they could make pretty awesome magic wands too, win win.

The Details:
  • Cute Nativity will be available to purchase on Fri 13th October.
  • The set will retail for £14.00
  • Cute Nativity stamp set includes thirty individual stamps, the main characters, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and manger, An Angel with separate wings, Kings with crowns and gift, a shepherd and a few recognisable animals.

Next, the Cute nativity substrates kit
So, the idea for this was to design and create an actual nativity set, I have designed this to be free standing, so four layer of 3mm mdf per character, I realise it might seem a lot but with many trips back and forth between my computer and Roger(my laser machine) with different stand options and what not this was my favourite choice. But saying that, the options are open to your creative interpretation, maybe you want to split the shapes up to get more finished pieces, they could make great magnets or brooches for example.

This Kit contains all the pieces you will need to create a full nativity set... more pictures below

The Details:
  • Cute Nativity Media Blanks kits will be available for purchase on Fri 13th October.
  • The sets will retail from £9.99 to £20.00(30% saving with the stamp set included)
  • Cute Nativity Media Blanks kit has about 114 pre-cut pieces, plus some teeny tiny hearts(of course).
  • It includes the wires for the actual star trees(pics below)
  • The MDF is 3mm thick, your complete characters will stand approximately 6.5cm(2 1/3") tall, the tallest tree is about 12cm(4 3/4").

The kit can be purchased with or without the stamp set, just incase you need more mdf kits later down the line. It has full colour instructions and template.
They look like gingerbread cookie shapes here yum,
The fours layers needed for a free standing piece.
The template is very useful to guide your shapes to the matching character image stamp.
It's actual size, so you can literally place the shape over the template, each character is labeled too, I've cut an additional Joseph as one of the wise men. The Angel has five layers if you want her to, she has two layers for her front image and two layer for the wings and a wing shape if you wanted to add them to the back of her too.

Star Trees
This is also included in the set
The mdf stars have grooves cut into to accommodate the wire, just to inform you the wire is #18 gauge, I've opted for paper covered florist wire as this helps when painting your trees. 
It is now a very snug fit.
Then it's just a matter of adhering the plain star on top, a good pva works fine for this,
And paint, or heat emboss, or add magic angel glitter.
Just to show you how my complete set fits quite happily back in the box, nothing like a little repurpose and no waste packaging.

If you are still reading I'm not quite done yet... I know, there's a lot to cover today.

Next we have some mini stamps...
The Doodle stars have ten individual star images, based on my doodles of stars, great for adding details, or a pattern, the two crown stamps are a great addition on to any collection.

I will be back later with another post with details of the PaperAngel substrates...
until then toodles x


  1. Oh boy..!! What can I say but.. *Want* & *Need* .. Just what i've been looking for for the cuter side of Christmas. Well done Kim on another fabulous design.. Warm Hugs Tracey xx

  2. oh wow!
    those are amazing!
    love it all!


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